Avalon User ?


What interconnects and speaker cables are you using in your systems?

Hello Wig,

I'm using Nordost Valhalla interconnects, speaker cable, and power cords with a BAT Rex preamp and Bat 150se mono-block amps driving Eidolon Diamonds. The source is an EMM DAC2 and the EMM TDS1 transport. Sounds out of this world to me!

Try Stelth Dream or new V10 Both wonderful with any speaker.
Audioquest Everest speaker cables and Sky interconnects on Eidolon Vision speakers. I have always liked high-end Audioquest cables for their speed, transparency, and lack of color.
Thanks for your responses
I've gone die-hard Cardas for everything that has a plug attached to it. Haven't even gotten to the pricier stuff yet. And even if there is a bit of coloring, I like it. I'm even planning on rewiring my amp with Cardas wire. But to each his own.
I am using mostly Virtual Dyanmics power cords, inter-connects and speaker cable, with a couple of FIM power cords and an Elrod ic. The Virtuals really have worked well in my system.
Have any of you tried JPS Superconductor 3, Nordst or Morrow? Going to try some different cables with my system to see what I prefer.
I researched the Morrow. never used it. Sounds like a gimmick but voodoo seems to work as well as science in the audiophile world.

Morrow Cables are no gimmick, give them a try and see what you have been missing!
morrow cables work fine.
Silent Source Signature and Silent Source Music Reference cabling.

Stealth Dream Petite speaker cables, Stealth Dream power cords, Fusion Romance ICs.
Plus one for the Stealth Audio products. I used Indra IC's and Dream speaker cables. they sound wonderful.
I use Anti-Cables in my system which are better in MY system than all others I've tried. They have a money back guarantee if you don't like them.
Clarity Cables...