Avalon Time vs ProAc D100 , Dear Audiogoners please give me some advise.

I am currently using ProAc D100 and in thinking of going to Avalon Time, anyone have any suggestions ?
I really like the ProAc D100 and I am afraid I might not like the Avalon, the Avalon does look great and sounds like it has more sound density. My front end consists of Dartzeel Pre v2 and Power, also have the Gryphon Antileon Mono blocks, EMM lab XDS1 v2. Mostly source come from Aurender N10. 

Please tell help me choose , thanks in advance.
For what its worth, the only piece of audio gear I've purchased since I acquired my Avalon Eidolons was a Benz phono cartridge. Prior to the Avalon's I was on the equipment merry-go-round listening to the system but not the music.

My wife's first impression out of their crates was how unusual and beautiful they looked. For my room the Eidolons are positioned well away from the wall behind them near the first third of the room with approximately 1/4 inch of toe in. 

Which ever you choose I'd say your system already sounds outstanding.


Hi m-db,

Thank you so much for your reply, gives me hell of a lot more confidance ! Actually my wife also thought they looked so much better than my ProAcs . She also felt Jazz music was much better on the Avalon Time, more density in the music, because it is summer , my Gryphon Mono blocks are harder to play due to heat dissipation so I play more on my Dartzeel, think my Dartzeel has a harder time driving my ProAcs. I hope Avalon is easier to drive on Bass side than my Proacs.

Thank you !
I have never heard the Proac's. My Indra's are being driven by Rowland gear. If you value coherence, imaging and holographic sound staging; you can't go wrong. 
Gocubs999 , I totally agree, that is what everyone is saying .. thanks for the comments
hugos7, your welcome.

I faild to mention that I haven't any experience with the ProAc's. I'm an upright Bass player. I drive the Eidolons with KT88 based tube amplifiers. I augment the extra low frequencies with a pair of powered subwoofers with the digital front end but seem less needed during LP playback.