Avalon Time vs Avalon ISIS ?

About 20K difference , which would you go for ?
Hi trcnrtmsncom,

I continue to appreciate the energy the Times exude.  CAT JL-2, upgraded to Black Path is driving the speakers with greater ease than with the Diamonds.  Times disappear as well, if not better than the Eide's, with no hint of ever being overdriven. 

What amplification are serving your Isis?
Hi Hugos7,

Did you end up with an Avalon speaker?  I wish to add a comment regarding the Times lower register. I had an REL S-5 sub in tandem with the Diamonds, but avoided using with the Times.  After reading a number of threads on Paul McGowan's site I raised the sub off the ground, rested it on a solid stand and played with the volume and frequency controls. Surprisingly, the midrange added some bloom and the Times are imaging deeper and wider.  Something to consider.
If only I could contribute to this thread beyond my standard Eidolon experience. Color me green but content.

My experience with a REL Studio III using their speaker (high) level connection affected the Eidolons sound stage slightly and I found slightly unacceptable. Using the Studios low level inputs allowed for optimum room placement and eliminated the sonic interference.

With a crossover point established reducing its volume was the only way to improve integration. Compared to two other DSP subwoofers the Studio was clearly integration handicapped. Feeding the Studio a DSP equalized low level signal helped a great deal yet it was still outclassed in my room.

I find I use much less sub with most analog playback compared to digital sources. Most likely a personal subjectivity.