Avalon Time

I know quite well Avalon's Sentinel and Indra, and a little bit Isis

I wonder if somebody here have heard Avalon's Time and how it compares to the above mentioned loudspeakers.

where is info on this speaker
scrolling down the page you will find it

I heard them recently at a CES show in Hong Kong. They were matched with Jeff Rowland pre and power amps, and cardas cables.

I have the Eidolon Vision speakers at home, and I thought the Avalon Time was quite a bit (not marginal) better than my Eidolon Visions. If ultra expensive, high-end speakers are all about the ultimate finess and refinement in sound quality, then I think Time has achieved that. Time was even more refined and delicate in sound, had much better high-end extension, and most noticeable was the much improved bottom end and dynamics versus the Visions, making Time overall a much better full-range speaker. Huge soundstage and very holographic sound was still there with Time -- the very hallmarks of Avalon speakers which I enjoy.

Although I have never heard the Isis, I have heard the Indra, which I thought was a big notch below Vision. But at about 2x the price of Eidolon Vision, I would still buy the Time speakers if money was no object....but then again, isn't that always the irony in life?.....:-)
interesting thanks

with Rowland Criterion and the 312?
Yes, it was the Criterion, and the 312 - not the monos but the stereo amp.
Avalon Time were present at the CES 2010

any feedback?