Avalon Teseeract $327,000 Speakers with 4.5 Kilowatts per Channel


 The appearance of  Avalon Teseeract speakers is unusual - a complex case has many facets. This is the material embodiment of the concept of "tesseract", which is described in terms of mathematics and Stereometry.




They are probably as amazing sounding as they look to be. You would need a large room with a slab floor. Even if I did have the money though, I would never buy their speakers because of the stories I've read about their non-existent customer service.

I was ready to buy the one pair slated for the US, but for some reason my wife said no. 

I would like to hear them in an appropriate space.

They do make me remember the joke: A Two Bagger:

one bag over them, one over your own head in case their bag falls off.

WAF factor- -15 

So i bought 2 pair, one for the garage if I get kicked out.

Considering the upper tier offerings from Wilson, Kharma and others, $327k falls into the mid-price category.

@stereo5 It wasn't meant as a jab at you, I just thought the same thing and figured that someone would say it.