Avalon - Symbol speakers, who has heard them?

I have listened to Avalon's new symbol speaker and was very impressed. I have an opportunity to buy a pair of demos at a great discount. The speaker will work great with my amp and the size of my listening room would be prefect for this speaker. Has anyone else listened to them? What did you think?
Let's see, you like the speakers, they would be perfect in your room, and your amp matches up well ... why ask the opinions of others - your's is the only one that counts! Go for it.
i've been listening to symbols since before they were publicly released. i've heard them in systems with two to six channels. they are a rare bargain in the highend at retail. if you can get a nice discount, you should consider yourself fortunate, indeed. -cfb
Thumbs up -- go for it. Avalons not only look beautiful, they sound great. The Symbol is a real bargain, especially if you gan get demos that are in good shape. The other advantage to the demo pair is they are already broken in, since break-in on Avalon products can be rather disheartening. They sound really bad until you log 300-500 hours on a new pair.