Avalon Speakers... To Spike or Not To Spike

I’m looking for advice on what others use under their Avalon speakers. Looking at the Member Systems pictured on Audiogon, I found that 4 systems used something other than Avalon’s OEM spikes, that 10 systems used nothing at all, and only 5 systems used Avalon’s OEM spikes.

Due to stupidly thick carpeting, I don’t have the option of using Avalon’s OEM spikes, or nothing at all. Presently my Avalon Ascendant speakers sit on 3/8th inch thick steel plates with treaded floor spikes. The bottoms of the plates are covered with Loctite rope caulk to stop any ringing. Prior to putting the speakers on the platforms, I level them by beating the spikes into the floor with a dead-blow hammer.

One option I’m considering are platforms made by Sound Anchors. The Sound Anchor platforms would raise the height of the tweeter about 2 inches which would bring the tweeter height just about even with my sitting position ear height.

Another option I’m considering is to continue to use the plate steel platforms, but to add Finite Elemente Ceraballs between the speakers and the platforms.

Any suggestions and advice would be most appreciated.
With Avalon Eidolons here, I replaced the stock spikes with Walker Audio Valid Points and got a significant improvement in clarity and resolution. Have used the Valid Points spiked through the carpet and pad, and tapped and screwed into the Eidolon wood frame for security.
You can also screw-in the MDF pannels above the carpet(you can paint-match the color to carpet) only of course if you found the best speaker position. Than you can use stock spikes.
I'm using Sound O City outriggers, it makes a big difference... See my pics
I'd also like to hear from people who have replaced the OEM spikes. I am using them on brass couplers on a wooden floor. There are so many varieties of spikes to choose among. Today, I purchased some of Herbie's titanium sliders to see the effect of decoupling the spike. The OP might take a look at the Herbie's page, because there is a product supposedly designed for rugs there.
I use stainless steel Soler Points on my speakers. I know Ed Soler and he can make them custom for you. The ones he made for my speakers are 2" wide at the top and about 2.25" tall. I gave him one of the original speaker spikes and he made sure the threads matched on the new spikes. He also makes the pucks to use along with the spikes on hardwood floors if ever needed.

Ed can make them out of brass if you prefer, but the stainless steel ones are the way to go.

What I would suggest is that you measure from the center of the hole where the spikes go out to about 1/8" or 1/4" shy of the edge of the speaker. Mine are 1/4". Then, just decide how tall you want them.

Ed is one of the regulars at the stereo shop here in town and you can place an order through them. My custom spikes are pretty big, though not the biggest he's made for some of the systems I've seen. My spikes were $60 each - again, stainless steel. Ed puts a very sharp point on them, so there is no issue with them penetrating carpet.

Please send me an email if you would like me to help with this, and I can take a picture of my spikes and email them to anyone interested.

And on the question of whether to spike or not, I prefer the tightened bass I get with my speakers spiked.

Thanks guys. I’ve looked at the Herbies website and frankly can’t imagine how the products designed for carpeting would work for me. My carpeting and pad has to be a little over 1.25” thick. It’s literally like walking on a cloud. When we got that carpeting, I had monitor speakers on four post Sound Anchor stands. Looking back on it now, I wish we had gone with something like a Berber carpet. Not that anyone has ever bumped into my speakers, but with 5 granddaughters and a big dog that wants to play catch all the time, I sleep better when my speakers are solidly locked in.

Wig… I had the Sound O City outriggers on Acoustic Zen Adagio’s and they worked really well. That was before installing the stupidly thick carpeting. They’re also on my short list. One thing I really liked about the outriggers is that the longer very pointy spikes easily get through carpeting. However, because I have an OCD complex with having to have my speakers at the exact some angle, speaker placement with the outriggers is a little difficult.

What I like about the platforms is that after I determine the speaker placement, I can accurately position the platforms before placing the speakers on them. I’m going to E-mail Herbies asking if something between the platform and the speakers would be to my advantage.

My carpet and pad is also over 2" thick and that's why I the stock couplers didn't work for me. The Sound O City outriggers are easy to use and are adjustable for tilt and level. In fact, I had been listening to my Ascendants way below the axis so I bought a cheap laser and placed on top of the speaker and measured the distance from the tweeter to the bottom of the leveler which I believed was 4". I leveled both speakers and took my laser and placed tape at the level position. My listening height is 40" and the Tweeter distance from the floor is 35" so I just tilted the speakers back until I have reached 4" above my original level where I placed tape.

This made a substantial difference in midrange coherence, treble extension and overall soundstage/imaging.

My speakers are extremely rigid on these outriggers with no chance of accidentily knocking over...

Thanks for your advice. How did you attach your outriggers… with the threaded mounting inserts… or straight in with heavy duty wood screws? I’ve never been a big fan of the mounting inserts. Also your System pictures show you made a perfect choice on the length of your outriggers. What size did you get?


Sorry for the tardy reply. My outriggers are 14 1/2" long and 1 1/2 " wide and I believe my spikes are 1 1/2 " long.

I tape the holes a little smaller than the insert and screwed them in without glue.
Hello just purchased a pair of Ascendent an this tread is really interesting as I thing placing the spikes is a pain in the.......

The outriggers look like a nice solution only don't feel like making a hole in my speakers.

So I'm thinking about making a traverse to make them selfs tanning so I just have to place my speaker on top. Unless someone have a reason to tell me this would be a really bad idea....
I was really looking for a solution as for the moment they are just standing directly on a granite slab but this give me a lot of enjoying resonance

So thanks for the tip I will look in to this