Avalon speakers - how much toe-in ?

Qestion to Avalon owners - how much of toe in do you prefer ? 0 deg ? 10 deg ? more ?

I'm trying to set up my Eidolons.
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Rooms are always one of the more important aspects of speaker positioning.
Can you tell us room size, how far you are from them, etc?
Depends very much on the room, but I found with my former Eidolons that a slight toe in provides a more ambient 3D sound field (preferred), than a toe in which faces the listener directly.

My set up suggestion is to do it first without the spikes. Have the speakers facing you directly. Then twist/slide them wider, 2 or 3 degrees at a time and see how they sound each time. Once they sound their best, you can install the spikes. Make sure you mark the final position on the floor before placing the spikes as the speakers will shift as you do so.
My friend has the Eidolons, and his are toed in only very slightly. I would estimate only a few degrees. I will also point out that he pulls his into the room three or four feet from the back wall to really get them to image correctly, which they do in an outstanding manner. (They are also a several feet feet from the side walls.) Nice choice of speaker by the way. One of my favorites.

(BTW, Kamil pretty much nailed it.)

Good Luck!
Thanks a lot for all the responses.

My room is 14x18 feet, with the speakers placed on the short wall, 3 feet into the room (from the back of the speaker to the wall).
My setup: 14 x 24 ft, speakers on long wall. 5-10 degree in
Close your eyes & trust your ears.
No doubt I will fine tune the degree the spks are toed-in by ear, it is just that I do not want to reinvent the wheel, so to speak.

I was especially curious if anyone uses the spks with 0 deg toe-in ?
Listen to Krellm7.