Avalon Speaker + Electrocompaniet Amp = Good?

1)I’m using a EC-4.8 Pre-amp and AW-180 Mono-block Power amp now, and interest in Avalon’s Idea or Ascendent II, not sure if my amp can drive these speaker? How's the sound quality ?

2)Also in term of sounds, which speaker has better sound in your opinion – Idea or Ascendent II?

3)Does Ascendent II still in production or already fade out?

PS: My CDP is Esoteric X-03SE, current speaker is Diapason’s Karis bookshelf
I recommend you listen to the speakers yourself before you buy them. Doing otherwise would be foolish.
Sure, I’ve listen and test the speaker (Idea) in a Audio system Shop, I like it very much, but they use different amp and CDP (Audio Flight 1 CDP, JR Amp). It is not possible for all of me to bring all my gears to test that speaker, that’s why I ask if anybody have experience to use EC amp + Avalon speaker.
I'm driving my Ascendant's with a Theta Intrepid amp (5 Channel 100 watts @ 8 ohms that doubles to 200 watts @ 4 ohms). Your amp doubles to 360 watts @ 4 ohms so I wouldn't think you'd have problem.
I auditioned my Ascendant's with a Pass XA30.5 and ended up purchasing both. Late last year I auditioned the XA60.5's from Pass and ended up trading in the XA30.5.

Music played below ~90db at listening position the amps were about equal, but beyond that I heard a clear improvement with the XA60.5's. Both setups are less power than what you are planning, so you should be fine there.

Recently traded in the Ascendant's for Eidolon's and so far the Pass XA60.5's are not showing any weakness.