Avalon Sentinel

Have you seen that a set these are for sall on A'gon.
I guess someone is letting go of best you can get!!
I suspect that the new Eidolon Diamond challenges the performance of the Sentinel at a much lower price. I know Avalon is installing the new Accuton diamond diaphagm tweeter in new Sentinels. In comparison to the Eidolon though, the Eidolon Diamond has many more changes than simply a new tweeter- it really is an entirely different product. The only commonality between the two speakers is the midrange driver. I'm not sure if Avalon is doing any wholesale reengineering of the Sentinel beyond the tweeter upgrade.
Why did they nix the Osiris speaker? The Osiris seems ultra versatile in that it requires an outboard crossover allowing one to use up to 5 stero amps to run them. Now they have the Sentinal that uses a proprietary sub amp that comes with the system. The system is no longer even bi-wireable. This seems to limit its versatility, but is still a kilobuck speaker. Any feedback?
Linkster: You certainly are not serious. If so, that would definitely be one of the most ludicrous things I have ever heard.
I am not sure Linkster are completly ludicrous. The Eidolon Diamond might very well have better mids and highs and maybe even midbass! Diamond tweeter and a newer design, might do the trick.
So Linkster, has anyone actually HEARD the Eidolon Diamond yet, in comparison to either the Eidolon or Sentinel, and can anyone comment on the differences? Or are these discussions still just based on specs?
Flex-A whole lotta folks heard the new diamond at Audio Unlimited like a month and a half ago. I partially agree with linkster's statement-meaning that from what I(and MANY others) have noticed is pretty much all avalons have a similar sound(be it a 2 way design, a 3 way design, etc...) you either like it or you don't. Saying any avalon is far superior to another is kinda hog wash- the only thing that I feel you benefit from is freq. response(which to some is very imortant). So I am in fact saying that say an Arcus sounds similar to an Eidolon-you just pay a lot more for the lower octaves- a lot of folks claim that the bigger ones sound "more life-" or more "musical" me and a few of my buddies find just the opposite. In regards to the chap selling the sentinel's- there are more then a few speakers in that price range that I would rather own over the sentinel's- when one reaches this price bracket they are either filthy rich and have no clue or are discerning listeners and are looking for the best value, sort of funny thinking of value in this price range but to some(including me......well one day!) it would be worth it.
At least they're active for that much money, more than most.
Please allow me to debunk a few misconceptions. First, the Eidolon Diamond is currently Avalon's newest product but it is important to consider this as an entirely new design, one which is separate and distinct from the Eidolon. To simply consider it as a refinement of the Eidolon's design parameters is like calling the Eidolon a redesign of the Ascent (Avalon's previous 3-way flagship). Also, the inference that all Avalon speakers have the same sonic signature, and that bass response is the principal improvement as you go up in price (and size) is a gross oversimplification and simply untrue. If that were truly the case, Avalon owners would do best to stay with the Avatars and use subwoofers. BTW, it is important to note that the Eidolon has far better lower octave performance (extension and definition) than either the Ascent or the Radian, both of which had physically larger cabinets.
Linkster-Come on do you really believe that? I know we want different things from our systems(and I respect your opinion) but I know I am not the only avalon owner who feels the way I do. If you feel the way you do, good it sounds like you have found the right speaker for yourself(you seemed tossed up about it for a while), but you sound to much like an Avalon ad "entirely new design" I am sure more technology is shared then avalon will admit to(since the won't admit to anything ;), but none of that matters as long as you are happy.

Cheers and enjoy the new speakers :)
Let me modify my post. I do agree that all Avalon speakers have a similar sonic signature, just like all speakers of the same designer/manufacturer typically do. This is not saying that they sound the same however. It is also reasonable to say that all Avalon speakers have a shared technological base, although I do feel safe in stating that some have a greater overlap than others. Of Avalon's current product line-up; the Opus, Opus Ceramique, Eidolon, Eidolon Diamond are more closely related than the Arcus, Eclipse Classic and Avatar. In terms of parts, the Eidolon Diamond has a different crossover, internal wiring, woofer and tweeter (over the Eidolon). To what extent these components effect a different sonic presentation will be for you to decide. I'd be willing to bet the Eidolon is much closer in performance to the Opus than the Diamond however.