Avalon Radian HC or Alon V Speakers?????

Does anyone have actual experience with these older model speakers? I would like to know if there are any placement issues, component matching issues, repair issues or upgrade issues. I have been auditioning speakers in the $7500 range and nothing new seems to float my boat excpet the Sonus Faber Cremonas warm, sweet, but lack some bass slam.

Thanks for you input and Happy Listening.
Big,I have no experience with the avalon,you didn't say if the alon v is the mk1,2,3...I have heard the mk1 many times,my friend has a pair and they blew me away,the mk1 has a internal crossover with alnico magnet midrange and does produce solid bass,I believe the mk2-3 have alnico magnets for all 3 drivers,and I can't recall if they have external xovers,he is running VTL mono's 125 wpc,the one thing to watch for is the 1 inch wood that lies under the midrange and tweeter drivers,they sometimes can crack due to rough handling,if you haven't heard these,you need to hear them...are you running a ARC VT100?...I am running a ARC VT100 with a pair of Alon Lotus Sigs...and I am absolutely thrilled with them.....if you want to talk, email me....Bill
the alons are a dipole design and they need some room to breath. at least 3-4 feet from the back wall and the same from the side wall. they do a great disappearing act, my neighbors who are not experienced listeners are constantly amazed by the imaging.

replacement drivers and parts are available. the owners are really great people. there might be a upgraded drivers available depending on the model. keep in mind the V, is a kissing cousin to the circe model.

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