Avalon Opus v Opus Ceramique

As I'm interested in purchasing one of the Opuses I wonder, does anybody have any experience with these two speakers? I'm interested especially in bass quality (and quantity) difference!
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Go to the discussionforum of www.avalonacoustics.com

There they talk about the difference between these two models. In the end they recommend that if you have a smaller room then the Ceramique is the way to go.
Thanks, but besides that, there is no other useful info!
I don't think there are a lot of opus users, they haven't seem to taken off like Eidolon's have. Then they add another model it just gets hard(not to mention expensive) to keep up to date.
I listened to both and prefered "normal" opus, which timbre was more natural. I bought them. My room is 40 square meters large.
I drive them with an ARC ref600. They are very natural. I must now select the right cables.
My next speaker will be eidolon for sure. They are significantly better. The best I heard for sure (no, the Sentinel were even better, but a little bit more expensive ...).
After breaking in a bit the audioquest cables, I found much more dynamic, details and huge bass. Too much bass for my room, with a disturbing resonance.
I undestand now why Opus Ceramic are recommended for "small" rooms !
Too late ...
Mbdeso, make a measurement which room modes create the standing waves and try to eliminate them with bass traps. The smaller the room the more problems you will have with the room modes.
Good luck!