Avalon Opus Ceramique vs Wilson Audio Sophia II

Final fight! Opus Ceramique vs Sophia II

Which one would you choose and why?
The selection is limited only to these two models.
Listened to both in various setups, enjoyed both very much.
I'm looking for maximally universal sound, capable of playing with different types of music, like jazz, acoustic, rock, metal.
Don't care about electronics at the moment. I will build dedicated system for the speakers.

Will be very happy to hear from you :)
both are 'midrange' focused/forward and have lots of detail. the ascendent may have the more traditional avalon balance. in any case, the avalon.
Thanks Jaybo.

What do you think about Avalon's abilities to play rock/metal music?
the two things that most high end speakers tend to struggle with...even the ones with the biggest price tags....are big rock and big orchestra. especially those recordings that are less than optimum. avalons do this as well as any, or better than most 'big boxes'. i mean this as a compliment....they are a more refined, more balanced 'hales' style loudspeaker.....an evergreen, and a keeper.....they also match well with a very wide variety of good components...another trait of a well thought out product.
Prefer sonic character of Avalon's with great tube amp(s). Love the midrange and the way it presents cymbals and percussion as live like and real.

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The Opus Ceramiques take a long time to break in, though once they do are capable of great transparency. Depending on budget, go for the Indra or Ascendents. They both have similar bass extension, but the Indras ups the ante in the midrange and treble. Wilsons aren't as refined and should only be used for hand to hand combat (and booty shaking)
Opus ceramique (used to own) has limited bass unless they are placed close to the front wall. IMHO, they are more refined in midrange and treble comparing to Sophia. For rock & metallica, I would pick the Sophia 2 due to better bass and dynamic freedom