Avalon NP speakers

Did anyone heard the new Avalon NP speakers?
The NP-2 received a very pos. review from Hifi-Choice.
I own a complete NP surround ,the old ones , and would like the know how the old ones compare to the new NP`s.
They also got a rave rewiev from Martin Colloms (Eidolon Diamond owner)in HiFi News.

I heard them briefly at HiFi Show in London this year and liked the sound very much. Sorry, I cannot comment on the old ones.
Thanks Elberoth for your comments.
(I made a mistake, the review wasn`t in the Hifi-Choice but Hifi News.)
I have a pair being driven by a dartzeel amp/pre amp
combo. Actually they sound very very good. No one
has guessed their modest price. I'm waiting for my new
speakers and have had fun with the NPs. I have decided
these are the speaker to get my kids started in Hi Fi.

do you have new Evolution NP`s?
Did you compare them to the old ones or the Avalon Symbol?

I found another review from Hifi+ ,also very positive.
And Hi-fi News has awarded the NP2 with "best loudspeaker up to 2000pounds.
I heard it at showroom in HK in last week.
Bass : powerful, solid
Vocal : dry (comparing with Sonus Faber, which is sweet)
High Range : clean, analytical is acceptable (Focus Audio 688 is pretty good in analysis)

As a whole, the speakers are clean, solid, detail. It can truly reflect the sound of musical instruments.
It is well in balance in low, mid to high range sound.

Pop music, jazz is very good.
But, it may not suitable for you if you like classic because it is not analytical enough to cope with many musical instruments.

As told by the salesman, the actual vocal voice is not very sweet. On the contrast, it may be dry. He said that I can adapt its dryness after listening for around 1-2 days.

Well, It is a pair of good speakers

area : 300 square feet
source : Marantze SACD (HKD40K)
pre/power amp : Jeff Rowland Capri + 102 (HKD32K)
The dryness you have heard may be due to the amp you were using.
Got a responce on Stereophile reader,"no competition, better in every way".
If thats trough ,NP did a great job, offering a better speaker for less cash.
Also read that the new tweeter is the same used in the Symbol and the Ascendant and according to NP better than the B&W diamond tweeter, a bold statement!
Hi, Elberoth2

thanks for your kindly advise about the dryness of vocal caused by amp.

Could you suggest other pre/power/int. amp to match with this speaker because I like it too.