Avalon Monitor Speaker


Need help on how to contact Avalon Acoustic Company. I have got some problems on one of my Avalon monitor's tweeters. I have sent emails to Avalon several times using mail address as provided on their website but got no responses from them. Is there any other way to reach them? I used to love Avalon products but not until now.

Thanks in advance for suggestion.
Since they have not responded to your email, I would suggest trying to phone them at the number provided on their website. If that doesn't work I would attempt to get some help with support through one of their current dealers which are also listed on their site.
You can send an email to Dmitri (Head Engineer) at Avalon at the address below. Extremely knowledgable and responsive fella. I needed two base drivers for my Avalon's. They built them, tested in house and sent them to me without delay.

Dmitri Panfilov

Hope this helps,
Many thanks: Bill & Gocubs999

Gocubs999; I don't find any email address of Dmitri on your post. I really need it. Thanks.
Audiogon apparently will not allow the attachment of an email address. Send me a message at dabears999 (a yahoo) account and I will forward his email address.