Avalon Indra with 35w SET amplifiers

Has anybody got any experience using Indra's with SET amplifiers. Very hard to get any listening sessions with such a combination.

My current amps are 35w Nat Audio SE1's MkII. They deliver the goods in the most sensitive and appealing manner with my current Wilson Audio WP 5.1's.

Love the sound of the Indra compared to Kharma, Wilson Audio, Rockport, Magico, they disappeared and enabled the instruments to "leave" the speakers with recordings like CJPN 9020/Horace Parlan/Us Three.

More is better but will enough be good enough?

Thanks for your comments
Hello, Tim,

While you may be able to get by with 35 watts, you will be severely limited as to material choice and playback volume at anything that comes close to "real".

I'm a big fan of Avalon and I think the Indra will be a great choice as long as you look towards the future for an amp that will exploit all their virtues to the fullest.

Maybe give some thought to loudspeakers designed for low power or SET Use? Seems your going about it backwards. Sure 35 watts would run Avalon. But bet it wouldn't be optimal.

For me, I have found that building the system around the room and speaker (Eidolon Diamond) has worked in the long haul and has endured. YMMV

Good luck,
Hi all,
Well I tried and : "no way"
Unless you just want to listen to voice, jazz (not too dense) etc...as soon as you hit more complex music it all falls apart; albeit its okay just does not do justice to the speakers potential.
Guess that the like of a VAC 300.1 are on the shopping list!
I just tried a 70 watt EL34 amplifier on it (Cary SLM 70). Typically a very nice amp with lots of finesse, just could't strut its stuff on the Indras. Listenable, but they need more power to shine.

I use My Coincident Statement pre-amp and Decware Zen Mystery Amp with 40 watts of 4 Ohm to drive Avalon Eidolon Diamond. It provides bass punch and authority without any problem, even for orchestra music. However when I add Martin Logan depth sub-woofer to my system, it provides realism Live concert. I recommend to add sub-woofer to Avalon Eidolon Diamond for last bottom frequency of 20 - 24 Hz. You will be totally amazing to what you hear. It is totally different world to no-sub-woofer. Even though Avalon speakers manual states that adding sub-woofer will give more negative effect than positive effect.