Avalon Indra vs. Magico V3 with Mc 275 ?

I am starting to save for upgrading my Martin Logan Ascent i speakers. I am very satisfied with my system, but after a few auditions of the Indras and V3,I was amazed by their ability to have an "electrostatic" transparency, coherence through the whole spectrum, huge soundstage. The new CLX are too big for my room. I want to keep my beloved Mc 275 amp, I listen mostly to vinyl and will feed directly the amp. with a Tron Seven phonopreamp.
Wich of those two magnificent contenders will match better this system ?
If you can help me for speaker cable match, ideas very welcome . Thanks.

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Avalon and 275 would be a good match. I tried 275 & 2275 with Avalon Diamonds. They sound like a good SS amp but with slightly better midrange (stock tubes).