Avalon Indra, OpusII, AscentII

I recently had an opportunity to audition the Avalon Indra. I was really impressed by its ability to be detailed and yet remain laid back which I have never experienced before. Usually, detailed speakers seem to exacerbate poorly mastered/recorded material, but the Indra seemed completely effortless even with my Kinks material. There are a pair of OpusII's here for sale right now, and as I understand it the OpusII (down firing woofer, sealed) and Opus Ceramique (no down-firing woofer ported) are effectively the predecessors to the Indra. Have any of you had the chance to compare the Indra to the OpusII? I specifically would like to know if they cast a similarly deep soundstage, placing the music beyond the speaker plane. And also create that depth without sacrificing any detail. I have no ability to audition a pair of OpusII otherwise I would. Unless someone who reads this lives within driving distance of 47905 and wants to offer. :D

I would gladly read any comparisons between the Indra and the AscentII as well. I realize this is quite a bit older in design, though, so I am more interested in the comparo between the OpusII and Indra. Thanks in advance.

I heard the Opus 2 but not the Indra. All I can say is the Opus did cast one of the most spectacular soundstages I've ever heard, not only with tons of depth (which other speakers easily achieve) but with a very impressive feeling of layering. I think you'll need a bit of space around them. They were also a tad on the lean side, it is my understanding the Indra is a smoother operator.