AVALON Indra ??

knows someone somewhat over the new speaker?
Have not heard of the Indra. Do you have any information?
you mean this:
Wonder if was "Written by Neil Patel"?
Replacing both Opus models.
March or April 2007

No Avalon affiliation
Indra uses their new ceramic tweeter, also used in Avalon NP2 speakers. There are two Eton woofers, like in the Ascendant. The midrange stays the same (I belive). Looks like a downgrade to me.

Downgrade from what?
I think Elberoth2 thinks from Opus Ceramique. But, Indra will be pretty good speaker, with better bass response then any version of Opus.

It is using two woofers, same midrange as Opus and new custum Avalon tweeter. Woofers and tweeter are the same one as in Ascendant2.

Indra uses experience that Niel Patel has taken from Isis...
Must be a downgrade from Eidolon or an upgrade for the Opus, because the price is higher than the Opus Ceramique (At least in Europe: 22500€, where the Eidolon Vision costs 33000).
I meant that the Indra will be a downgrade from Opus/Opus Ceramique.

Opus was basicly a scaled down Eidolon - same tweeter and midrange, only with smaller woofer.

In the Indra, Avalon is combining the Opus midrange with woofers from their cheaper model (Ascendant) and a tweeter from their LEAST expensive speaker (NP2), so pls don't tell me that this combination will be better than the Opus.
Listening Impressions? Anyone heard these speakers?
I heard them last week in Munich with Pass X600.5 amps, Transparent wire and Hovland pre... Not the best sound possible. IMHO Indra's have a great potential and could sound far better then in Munich...
But at keast the final Indra will feature the same Accuton tweeter as Opus/Eidolon Vision (instead of the cheaper ceramic tweeter from NP2/Symbol/Ascendant).
I agree with Branimir, I was too in Munich and I think the combination was disappointing. They also kept the volume very low (outrageous) as the were afraid of something.
And Indra-Pass room had room treatment and space around them. I expected much much more.
On the other hand in a smaller room the new Gryphon Atlantis close to the wall performed many times better and with the integrated Diablo not the ~600 powerhouses that Indra had.
I heard the Indra too at Munich. Compared to the Avalon Opus it seemed to be faster and had more volume in the bass. It is priced for 26.000 Euros in good old Germany.
I have heard them for a long period (3 or 4 hours) 2 times.

With VTL 450 and Shindo preamp (vosne romanee)

I compare them immediately after with the avalon Eidolon and Wilson Watt/Puppy 8

The sound was sublime, very fast, perfect tonality, SUPERB IMAGING, this speakers are just great.
They beneficiate from the crossover technology used in the ISIS (i heard them also).

And THAT make a hudge improvement.

It's weird i know but i prefered them to the eidolon diamond (more slow, sounding more boxy, and less invisible) I know the Eidolon are 18 000$ more but i listen to them in the same room (they take each time the previous speaker out of the room) with the same electronics.

I think that these new crossovers are a big step for Avalon.

Comparing to Watt/Puppy 8 : imaging was equal, of course more slam for wilson but i don't like the way the w/Puppy do it (kinda blured in the mid bass) and the indra was a step above the wilson in trems of timbrality.
Good articulation for both.
Question of taste... i prefer the indra.

Comparing to others (not in the same shop) : forget all of them in this price range (parsifal from verity audio, sonus faber even the stradivari, B&W 800D)

I think they have acheived something great with these speakers.

Thanks for the review. Your review is saying a lot. Gotta audition someday.


Just wondering-did you like Isis as well?

the Isis sound fan-tas-tic.

I think there is no way to buy speakers (in this price range and far, far more expensive) without listening to them.

That say all I think about them.

Some people say that it's the finest electrodynamic transducer avaible, i don't have the knowledge to pretend this, but I can assure you that it might be.

I'm in a position where i can buy a 35 000$ speaker but for now I haven't heard anything that can beat the Indra (20 000$)

Wow guys, i want to be sure (by listening the rockport) but for now I'm gonna buy the Indra.

It is weird because i always want more, but to beat them i need to go in sky high price...or find an avalon Isis on the second and market ! -ok don't even think about it, people who have the Isis are burried with them (lol)-

Please if someone HAS listened to the Indra and think about a real competitor, tell me because i'm near from purshasing them. You can go to 35 000$ for the competitor.
The new Revel Salons
I have listen to the Indra in Norway + Isis in Gothenburg and I can olny agree that these two speakers are really somthing special, I havent heard anything better in my life. They beat Wilsons maxx2, watt-8 and Sophia2 in all areas but the "special wilson-slam..dynamics".//Lasse in sweden
Hi,I own the Isis and barring some emergency I will be buried with them.They are as near to a complete speaker as you can find,I don't know much about the Indra but from what luicen told me they are a killer.

Thaey received a glowing review in HiFi+. Here is a link to the link:

Thanx Bruce_1 it is the first time of my life that I agree with a review !

It is unsettling how close our perception of these speakers are, I always read "bla bla bla" in review, but in this one each word is SO true :o

I'm very interested in hearing the Indra. I might be trading in my Vandersteen 5's on a new pair of Indra's. I'm glad to hear they have created such a positive impression, Samuel.
Hi Bruce,

It would be intresting that you post your impression about it.

A comparison with the vandersten would be great.

Try to listen to the indra with fast tube amp (just my taste), and VERY good preamp, the indra are so natural and detailed that with a bad preamp i think it would ruin their quality.
Based on my experience with Avalon speakers, I would look at Verity Audio Parsifal/Sarastro and Rockport Mira/ Mira Grand to compete with Avalon Indra/Diamond. Under $10k, I fell in love with Jean Marie Reynaud Concorde Signature and would pick them over a pair of Avalon Ascendant or Fidelio.
Behem their is a hudge fan base of Jean Marie renaud in europa, it seems this guy have achieved something great for the price.

I have listen to the parsifal (overpriced, and a little bit less everything in comparison to the Indra.

Rockport Mira/grand is something that i want to listen...many good things that i heard about them.