Avalon Idea vs Ascendant II

My target speaker is either Avalon Idea or Ascendant II, I’ve a small listening area and I think these speakers are suitable for me. My question is how you compare the sound quality of Idea and Ascendant II?
Or both speakers sound very same? Unfortunately my local dealer don’t have both speakers together at this moment, but I have test Idea, very impressive and I love very much. And the dealer told me although both speakers are using same type of drive, almost same design, but Idea’s Crossover are new deign by Avalon, it has better sound than Ascendant II (more transparency). And Ascendant II is almost 15 news old, Idea should be a better choice.

BTW, Idea is about USD2060 cheaper than Ascendant II in my region.

Current system
CDP: Esoteric X-03-SE
Pre-amp: Electrocompaniet EC-4.8 Pre-amp
Power-amp: AW-180 Mono-block
Speaker: Italian Diapason Karis bookshelf speaker
CSE Isolation Transformer TX-1200 (Max. 1300W)
I wanted to demo the Idea but since the dealership did not have it in store we listened to the Ascendant and Indra to get a feel for the house sound.

I've been told that the Idea has a tonal balance with a more robust bass foundation. I was recommended the Idea over Ascendant for my music tastes - electronica and classic rock. It's a newer design as well.
I would question your dealers description since the tweeters are different.

I would email or call Avalon for a more distinct description of their differences in relation to your room size. With Avalon any increase in cost is indicative of higher quality parts.

IMO, I'd be lurking the used market for some Eidolons.
Thank you very much of your opinion! I only listen to Jazz music, mainly contemporary Jazz and some Brazilian Jazz (Bossa Nova), like this:



I hope Idea is the right choice
I mean ths kind of music:


The Ascendants will get you Avalons' legendary trademark sound unless you're willing to move up to the Indras, especially with jazz and classical...
According to the specs, the driver are almost identical but the Idea will obviously have a different crossover. The Ascendants are more efficient, beffier cabinet and reach farther 28hz-25Khz verses Idea 28hz-22Khz.
Anybody knows what is the retail market price of Idea now in U.S. (Include tax, after discount, net price)? Just want to compare the price with my local dealer price.
The idea are a newer speaker and really 'better' in monst of the traditoinal ways most of us assess equipment. They are more accurate, more transparent, less cabinet with a wider soundstage, more neutral and more resolution. They are fast and dynamic with better bass too. Good for all music styles. Quite an incredible speaker for the price and size IMO.

The Ascendant are warmer, a little more coloured with a (possibly pleasing) hump in the upper bass. They sound more laid back, smoother and a little more majestic perhaps. Still a wonderful speaker though and amazing value on the used market.