Avalon Eidolons best sound in 2003 CES ?

According to the Avalon website news, Eidolon Diamonds paired with Ayre V5x amps and the Ayre K-5x preamp were voted best sound at the 2003 CES show. And Accuphase amps were used in another setup with Eidolons. Anybody hear either of these combinations and have any reactions? Did either amp go particularly well with the Eidolons?
Yes, I heard the Eidolon and Ayre combination. It was quite good. Though not my vote for best sound, certainly in the top ten. The Ayre equipment has always impressed me with its balance of strengths rather than striving for "spectacular" or hype that can wear on you over time. However, I will be the first to admit that I prefer the immediacy and emotionally communicative sound of great tube systems. Just one man's opinion.
I thought it was one of the better sounding rooms. In my top ten as well. To me the knockout rooms were the big tube based systems like vandersteen/Tenor, VTL, and ARC/Magnepan (arc SS that is). I think that 'top ten' is a better number to have. Gordon Rankin had great sound from little tiny SET amps in his room, but it was vastly different than the powerhouse monster sized sound in Wisdom Audio's room.

The CES system is similar to what I have at home. The exception being that I have the top shelf v-1x, a bat tube preamp, the standard eidolons, and a full bore audiomod scd-1. I greatly prefer my own setup to what I heard at las vegas. Most people who have heard my system say the Ayre is my best sounding amp with the avalons. It has a warm hearted, musical quality that goes well with the avalons. It's also the only amp I own with enough power.

I think the v-1x is a much better amplifier for the eidolons than the v5. More liquid sounding with tremendous power. The V5 was good, but it didn't have the transparency or sense of weight that I hear at home. The v5/eidolon diamond combo was brighter but with less weight. The v1's sense of strength is one of it's most endearing qualities.
I too read this at Avalon's website, but they fail to tell us who or what organization voted them "best". I am not disputing their claim, only hoping to learn what entity has issued this proclaimation, so that I can judge the credibility for myself.

Anyone know who/what issued the award?
Ayre and Cardas partnered with Avalon Acoustics to put together perhaps the best-sounding two-channel rig we heard in Las Vegas. Avalon Eidolon Diamond speakers ($33,950/pair) were driven by an Ayre V-5x amplifier ($4500). Also in use were the new Ayre K-5x preamp ($2950) and CX-7 CD player ($2950). Cables were Cardas Golden Reference. Roger Kanno and Marc Mickelson quickly thought this system offered standout sound, and after a short listen the entire show-coverage crew agreed.