Avalon Eidolon VS the Eidolon Diamonds

Does any one have experence with how these two speakers compare and is there any big difference that make the Diamomds cost so much more. I have heard the Eidolon's many times and I can't imagine how anything could sound better.
I hope someone can help me with this.
I have owned both Eidolons and Eidolon Diamonds. I had the Eidolons for about two years and I currently own the Diamonds for the last 18 months. I agree with you that the Eidolons are fabulous. The Eidolon Diamonds take it up a notch more. I won't digress on how great the Eidolons are, but here are my obsereved differences between the Eidolons and the Eidolon Diamonds:

Bass - Diamonds have more visceral bass and better bass extension

Treble extension - it seems that symbals have much more body and the instrument decay and 'naturalness' are far superior

Resolution - seems much more lifelike and the 'space' around instruemnts are better

Midrange purity - similar

Soundstaging - better in diamonds, but very close

depth - similar

density of images - better in diamonds, but very close

I have found that my upgrade to the Diamonds is one that I haven't regretted for a second, but like everything else in high - end audio - you have to judge the 'law of diminshing returns' for you own preferences.
I too upgraded and I think the Diamonds sound much more dynamic and transparent along with superior bass definition. Coupled with Phil's comments of which I agree wholeheartedly, the net result is that the Diamonds are a much better loudspeaker (than the Eidolons), and at their price point they should be. I actually think the Diamonds offer a great value among other high end designs, which some may view as an outrageous statement for a retail price of $32K in a standard finish.

Very nice summation of the Avalon Eidolon Vs. Eidolon Diamond. I own Avalon Eidolons and agree that they are a phenomenal speaker. I am amazed at the music they make every time i listen. I am curious. Do you find that the Diamonds bass extsion and visceral impact to effect the quality of bass? To put it plainly does the diamond sacrifice quality for quantity? I find the eidolon to have some of the cleanest most defined bass, although I do agree that it is not as present as other equally sized speakers. Also, can you share with me you associated equipement and cables.


I think both speakers have the same extension but find the Diamonds to have a much more articulate bass. In fact, when I moved from the Eidolons to the Diamonds my room required less bass treatment.

The bass articulation of the Diaomnds is all there in the vein of the regular Eidolons, except the Diamonds amazingly improve bass detail, nimbleness, and articulation at the same time the bass extension and visceral impact improves. I would agree with an above post too, that the Diamonds do have better dynamic transients than the Eidolons.

My associated equipment includes a Wadia 270/27ix front end and a Rowland 302 amp (wadia runs direct without a preamp) and all connections are with Cardas Golden Reference. The Rowland/Avalon combo is a match made in heaven - each compliments each other incredibly well. Vinyl someday............