Avalon Eidolon matching speaker cables and IC

What cables are used and perform well on Avalon Eidolon speakers?

I have a pair of Eidolon and will buy new speaker cables, i have an Class D amp based on Hypex Ncore NC400. And now i will add new cables both speaker and XLR IC´s.

Somewhere i did read Avalon uses Cardas, what models usually?

I been looking for Cardas, Audioquest and Nordost but other could be interesting to. I have no dealer nearby som i can´t test any before buy.
Go to fatwyre.com. They are the biggest cable retailer there is, and they have a program where they lend you any cables that you want to try, first. It removes all the risk of buying cables. If you don't live in the US and cant use them for some reason, copper Audioquest, I feel, is the safest way to go. They sound good with just about anything, and you don't have to spend a lot of money either. Any of the newer copper cables with the DBS system should work very well for you. Also, if you need fully balanced cables, the AQ's are. Some single ended cables just have xlr connectors, and they're not really balanced. AQ used 3 separate conductors, one for each pin. Cardas and Nordost are good cables too, but the AQ works in more situations.

I owned a pair of Eidolons for over 8 years, and found they rewarded you for using high performance cables (fabulous speakers, by the way). The best pairing I found - hands down - was Siltech The Emperor. However, I understand that may be a bit on the expensive side. I also had success with Purist Dominus and Kubala Emotion. At a more bargain price, I would recommend Wywires.

I would not use them with Cardas cables; for example, I tried Golden Reference and was very disappointed with the plummy bass and softened dynamics. In fact, I would not recommend them with any of the cable brands you listed (unless you would spring for Nordost Odin).

Finally, regarding demos, there is always the Cable Company (http://www.thecableco.com/), who for a reasonable fee will ship out multiple cables for you to demo.

Best of luck.
What is your budget for cables, speaker wires?/
Thanks for ansers, i accidentaly added two threads of same type, sorry.

I live in sweden, and not in any big city so borrow and testing in my home is very difficult. I have to go on what i read, by the most i do a lot of research before buying and most of times im happy.

Somewhere i read Avalon uses Cardas on demos, but i also read some pepole have the same opinion about Cardas as Rzado above.
Audioquest did i read some recommend, and Nordost is fine cables. i would think Odin would be great but way out of budget for me. When i did have some transistor Class A monoblock the sound was very sweet, not to muddy but warm and sweet, but since i changed to Class D the sound have been thinner, more neutral, Nordost might be to much?! I uses mostly Copper cables but i think some silvercables could be a good match.
Nyaudio98: Well, the budget is not unlimited. But the question i made is to see what users of Avalon speakers have. I will probably not go on top model of any brand, but if some says some brand worked better or worse i can collect the information and see what model fits my budget. Well known of that any model of any brand can be completely different match for my speakers. But a hint, say somewhere about 2000$ for a speaker pair. New or used...
I have used a number of cables with Eidelon's. Purist, FIM, Virtual, High Fidelity, and now HiDiamond. They have all performed quite well, although component dependent. I wish to point out the speaker cable is merely one piece of the "system". Besides the major components, power cords, isolation, ic's, room treatment, etc. have all contributed to creating the music the Avalons are producing. I do have a tube/analog based system; therefore, my suggestions may not be fitting.