Avalon Eidolon and CAT JL2

Owners of Avalon Eidolon and CAT JL2. Please speak up

Are you satisfied with CAT JL2/Eidolon combination? Please share your experience. Let us know good and bad combination with preamps.

So far I spoke to only two people who actually own CAT JL2/Eidolon. One recommended Jadis JPS2 or Hovland. Another can�t get a good sound from the system and I think that because of his ARC Ref 2 Mk II preamp.
If your question extends to people who've used CAT+Eidolon in the past(rather than own it now), I had chosen a CAT Signature pre. AFAIR short-listed pres included a Goldmund and a Hovland.
And the sound had a liberal dose of dynamics (that I like) and good enough presentation not to bother about upper end detail that was, maybe, slightly recessed into the b/ground. For example, with the Goldmund the upper register extension sounded "endless".
Thank you, Gregm
I have the Eidilon Diamonds,Jl3 sigs and a Cat Ult mk2 pre and it is heaven.For what it's worth.