Avalon Eclipse's with a Sub-Woofer -Yes/ No ?

I have owned a pair of Avalon Eclipse's for about 4 years now and for the most part I am happy with them and best of all....they are paid for ! However, I was wondering has anybody ever added a sub-woofer to these speakers and what brand did you use ? If you did add a sub-woofer what sound did you hear with the sub-woofer added ? I am interested but I don't want any disconnect between the speaker and the sub-woofer.
The only time i've ever heard the eclipse with a subwoofer was the 96 stereophile show in los angeles. they were mated with a set of genesis subwoofers. there were 4 in a column facing the crowd. very deep and articulate bass unlike anything i've ever heard of a loadspeaker at that time before. very integrated and musical. i don't remember the amplification or cross-over used in the demonstation.

I have a pair of Avalen Ascent's(latest mod)used with a Rel Stentor sub in a 22x13 room.The sub is 22"x22"in the right hand corner of room.I am crossing over at 24hz low enough to have an outstanding blend.Believe me,your speakers were of a superb vintage from Avalon's classic period (my friend has the Eclipse).Properly chosen and applied you will be shocked at how competitive the combination of sub and Eclipse can sound compared to the absolute best(and overpriced)speakers of today.Read the hard cover book that came with your speakers once a year.Very valid stuff within.However adding a GOOD sub and properly(really experimenting with placement,crossover point and the sub's gain)can have an extremely musical effect if you are careful,capable,and patient .Good luck !