Avalon Ascent IIs vs. Vandersteen Model 5s

I have a pair of Avalon Ascent IIs. I like their soundsstaging and imaging, focus, tonality, transparency, and really just about everything else they do. The problem is that I cannot get below 40 hz in bass out of them. I am trying a REL Stadium III sub-bass with them and although it has added great foundation and bass, it seems to muddy the midrange and highs. To be fair to the REL, it is probably crossed over too high (at about 36 hz; I've heard them do better at about 25-26hz).

Anyway, I was thinking of trading them in on a used pair of Vadersteen Model 5s, which have great bass and most of the characteristics I like about the Avalons, although, I don't like those characteristics quite as well in the Vandersteens. Of course, I have heard the Avalons in my room, and I have only heard the Vandersteens in a dealer show room. Since there are no dealers close by, I won't be able to hear the Vandersteens at home.

Does anyone out there have experience with both of these speakers?

Also, the reviews say that the bass in the Vandersteens require professional set up to get the bass right. Has anyone bought them used and successfully set up the bass without professsional help?
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Hi, You can easily follow the instructions in the manual along with a Sterophile test disk to tune in the speakers. You're much better off working with a dealer, but it can be done.
Good luck!
i have ascents in a dedicated 22x13 ft roomwith a rel stentor sub.it took a really long time with a very wide variety of music to get the blend.first-it must cross over lower than you have it -mine is at 24hz.this may seem too low but the ascent has output below 30hz,that,although we don't hear is there and it interferes with the rel if above that point in my room.the rel is also 22inches out from the back and side walls in the right corner. the gain must be set very low as well for best integration.that being said the results are shockingly good.i still have not heard anything i'd want to upgrade to,and i make it my business to be aware of about all new competitive products.good luck and realize what a great investment you've already made.