Avalon Ascendent best matching speaker cable?

In the process of finding the best cable for my speakers I have the feeling I lost it a bit....
Second problem is that I need at least 12feet preferably 14feet (3.5M)
Than budget is factor as well I was thinking around 1225 at 2250$ (2000€)
Of course how closer I stay to the bodes limit how more I will think about upgrading I guess.....

I tested a few
cables already in order of my preference this would be

Siltech 330l
(but with the length I need this would be slightly out of the budget an I'm thinking it might be better to go cheaper now an go to 770l later)

Transparent Music wave super
Connected now so most fresh in my memory but feels like they loosing it in the low sometimes but it gets better by the day or maybe I get just used to theme. An I like there upgrade politic

Purist audio design Aquius Aurius (I think)
superb cables but have to go to an other dealer so don't have the same conditions an they take ages to deliver here in Belgium when you order

ah dls 10
provably the best cable on the market for the price ex 4m costing around 500$

Siltech 220l
once you heard the 330l there is nothing to say

Kimber select 3033
Can't say it's a bad cable but but have the feeling my system lost his agility an freshness.. An they are really expensive even if I got my hand o some 12 feet ex demo

Vertere Pulse x
Being the less good I heard in my system it was like it was all coming from behind a curtain

I'm also still waiting to try out Kimber 12ct, MIT matrix 18 (my dealer newly stock theme), an some Audioquest Gibraltar who where connected when I demoed my speakers so I'm thinking there is a reason I was seduced by theme it was a great match.

I see there are a few Avalon speaker owners so any advice an experience is Welkom

Cardas Golden Cross and on up.
Roby79 I would be interested in you selection since I also have Avalon Ascendents and need a longer run of about 14 feet.
These are excellent(providing you are not actually seeking a tone control): ( http://www.analysis-plus.com/prod_spkrcable.html ) ( http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/analysis-plus-big-silver-oval-speaker-cable-tas-215/ ) ( http://stereotimes.com/cable012306.shtml ) ( http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/analysis+3/bigsilver.html ) I auditioned mine through The Cable Company, then purchased a new pair, in the actual length I needed.
On my Ascendent's, I went from Kubala-Sosna Expression's to Clear Day Double Shotgun's and have not looked back. I'm not sure about Belgium, but here in the US, Clear Day offers a free home trial. The Clear Day cables are well below your budget.
Avalon and MIT used to do work together (along with Spectral), they've been paired frequently over the years. I believe that I read here that Transparent principles have roots at MIT. So those two brands seem like logical contenders to me.

Trust your ears, they don't lie!

Well I forgot to add 2 cables that I also tested for a few weeks

Tellurium Q: Ultra black
Witch is basically a nice cable but a but to aggressive to my taste in my system.

Tellurium Q: Graphite
Actually quite impressive detailed an musical lost a slight of agility in the lower part an they are expensive to

Beside I connected a pair of Kimber 12 ct yesterday an have to admit I wasn't expecting to much of it considering my findings of the selects in my system.
But they a way more open an upfront as there big brother
Really crispy in the mean time I felt that it lost a bit of power compared to the Transparent an had to turn up the volume to get that power effect an that become quickly to much for me. But they are brand new so I let theme run in 24/7 for 2weeks see if it improves.

I was surprised because coming from the same company those Kimbers sound really different an are a better match to my system an taste. It was upfront, crispy detailed really transparent an lifelike also Compared to the selects they are more agile an fresh.

The only minus point beside the lose of power (dramatic effect) is that this can get tie-ring I'm afraid but I hope the next 2 weeks will sort that out
I also got my hands on some MIT Matrix 18s
Witch I will try in a few weeks.
An yes as I heard MIT an transparent used to sleep to getter ;-)
I will see If I can get my hands on the other brands mentioned here.
What did you end up deciding?