AVAA Active Bass Traps

Hi there, 

Anyone here using the PSI AVAA active bass traps? I am thinking of getting one. Would I be better off with passive traps. My main room mode is at about 62Hz

Please advise
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jag, the wavelength of 62 Hz is 18 feet. The only way you are going to stop that is by knocking down your rear wall. There are two ways you can work around this. The first is multiple subwoofers at least two preferably 4. Next is digital room control such as offered with Anthem, Trinnov and Lyngdorf processors. All three companies have digital bass management built in which allows you to use both solutions very effectively. All this other stuff is equivalent to pissing on a forest fire not to mention cluttering up your room. 
Houses are tiny here
My living room is 9ft high x  10ft wide ( sofa side) x 8 length. 
I use an integrated amp. 

I am trapped. 
So, only way i see is to have a bass trap that works from 45 to 70hz, which I could place behind the speakers.  Ir, the AVAA ( which costs a heart stopping   $SG3,800 (singapore dollar)

Try the GIK Accoustic traps. I like the Soffit Traps a great deal, but most go with the corner traps.


Of course, in case you are new here, I usually recommend a combination of bass traps and EQ.

If you are using a sub, pub the EQ on the subwoofer only.
There are two ways you can work around this. The first is multiple subwoofers at least two preferably 4.

Right. But guys looking to tech for solutions are never likely to do the right thing. Just look at all the posts above. Everyone here knows the answer, but nobody even thinking to ask the guy how many subs or what he's doing now. Just knee-jerk yeah spend money! GIK! DSP! Bass trap! 

That last one at least, I imagine the Star Wars dude, "Its a trap!"    

OP could buy a Swarm and have SOTA bass for less than he wants to spend to make what he has a little less bad. But will anyone even bother to mention that? Besides you and me I mean?

I got to hear the PSI that was in a demo room at the NY audio show a few months back. Like an idiot I forgot to ask them to turn the unit off to hear the difference, (I realized after I had left). The bass did sound good in that room, and I was definitely intrigued.

I do know that the room next door kept banging on the adjoining hotel door to get them to lower the volume. When I went to the room next door I explained it wasn’t that loud in the room they were complaining about, even though the bass leak through was large.

I think that when canceling a wave in one location, another location will get even more bass, so perhaps that might be a consideration if family members or neighbors are an issue.

I do feel the unit works as described and I’d love to play around with one, although I don’t have bass problems (other than disturbing neighbors)

Can you convince the dealer or manufacturer to let you demo one, even if you were responsible for shipping charges?  This tech has much potential and  needs more exposure, and let them know you’ll measure and post here if they work with you.  
Thank you for the input. What is a Swarm pls?
@emaillist666, than you for your feedback. Yes, I tried the u it at home and it helped. But, somehow, the u nt was sucking in more than just the offending bass. 

I am looking for a way to control the 50 to 70Hz frequencies, and with an integrated amp (Parasound Hint 6), I can't use an equalizer. Bummer. The amp does have a high pass filter for small speakers. I will fiddle.with that a d the tone control too.  But, bypass would be best.  

I can use the tone control on the amp but, again , it pulls down too much of everything. 

The only way I see is to use a  bass trap or a humongous helmholtz resonator (I think) 
Nelson Pass in 1988 had a patent granted for an active acoustic device or trap. Well described in the Google published patent. Tom
There's also the Bag end active bass trap, never used it.

What is a Swarm pls?

A cult of people who try to sell you more subwoofers than you need. They will accept no other solutions. If you agree to install four subs you are one of them. If you think other solutions may fit better you are an enemy.
My room is so small that 4 more subs would leave me with no space to sit...except o  the subs   🙂

I will have to live with a partial solution. Some targeted trapping. GIK has some targeted traps that can be made nice with some diffuser plates. Will look I to that. 

The partial solution is really a very good one:

  • Good bass traps that work in the range in question
  • EQ.

I use Roon to put the finishing EQ touches in my room. Works like a champ. Call GIK Acoustics and actually ask them for advice. They are experts and their products a steal. Ask about the soffit traps too. They don't usually sell them but they are pretty and damn effective.
@erik_squires, how do you use Roon for the finishing touches...isn't roon a streaming music provider? 

I am communicating with GIK now. I am leaning towards their Scopus Traps which are very targetted
Hey JagJag,

I’d rely on GIK, they’ll give you the right types of traps.

Roon is a streamer with built in EQ capabilities. In my case I never spin a CD, either I am listening to online services like Tidal or I’ve ripped my CD’s onto solid state disk, and play either via Roon.

If you see my blog post, below, you can see that for the right channel I used a parametric EQ to fix a couple of room modes. This only worked as well because my room is already treated: