AVA Ultra 550 fet vs. Consonance Cyber 800 tube

First time poster but enjoy lurking here. I am currently struggling over the above decision. I have had my eye on the AVA amp for awhile now even though I have not heard it, it does sound like it would suit me. Having said that I have recently auditioned the Consonance tube monoblocks in house and really fell in love with them as well. I found the Consonance amps to have what I would call incredibly enjoyable detail (no tube blurryness at all), great balance across the spectrum (I hate roll off), while still maintaining that big glorious tube sound (not to the extent of some others). I really enjoyed the Consonance amps but who is to say AVA's couldn't be better.

The AVA does suit my needs better as I have a dual HT/music system with the Modwright swl 9.0se with the HT bypass in the mix. Even though the tube amps had no trouble at all driving my 4 ohm, high 80's sensitive speakers I probably would not use them for HT purposes. Therefore requiring more amplification for those channels. Living in Canada auditioning the AVA amp would be more expensive because of the customs issue. Long rant I guess but Consonance ref 2.2 MKII is my current source.

Your thoughts? Thanks,
IMO the answer lies in deciding which type of amplification you like better > tubes or solid state.

Even though the AVA 550 is a hybrid, it does not sound "tubey".
Mike, it's along shot but go over to the AVA circle on audiocircle.com and put up a post asking if anyone in your neck of the woods has a FetValve. You may luck out and find someone who is not too far from you.

I have the FetValve 550 (unfortunately here in the U.S.). It was a recent purchase to replace my Bedini 803. The Bedini was a great amp, but the FetValve is a "better" SS amp while providing the beauty of tubes, without any real downside of either type. All IMO.
Thanks guys for taking the time out to respond. Appreciated.

I have the Consonance 800 monoblocks and absolutely love them! Hard to imagine how you could beat them for the price.
Not that anybody cares but I purchased the Cyber 800's and am falling in love with them more and more.