I am considering upgrading from a Wyred 4 Sound ST500 to an AVA FET 600 to drive my B&W 802N's,

Anyone have feed back on the AVA FET 600? Anyone have experience with AVA FET 600 driveing 802"s?
I've heard it, a great amp. I thought very good bass tone and harmonics in particular.
I own a Synergy 450 which Frank is quoted as saying is a toss up with FET 600.
450 much better than Odyssey, McCormack, Belles, I had before it.
Call AVA, last time I was there about a year ago he was running a pr of Salk and one of B&W , I think they were 802.
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I had the FET 600 driving my B&W 802’s until I did a major system upgrade. It was a great match. Had been using ARC tubes before but felt AVA much better synergy. The speaker connectors are, however, very ackward. Beyond that great amp.