Ava amps vs Monarchy amps ?

Hi everyone ! Can someone tell me the Difference between Ava and Monarchy amps please ? I think I want to try it , but I never heard that before , but people say on the web those amps are great ! There is many good review on net . I need preamp and power amp so if you heard both please share them with me, and others who are interested to ! Any comment are great and use full ! Thank you.
I have a pair Monarchy Audio Delux MK2 amps. I've been Tube guy for many years but got tired of big amps, costly output tubes, heat..... So I sold the beast and acquired these amps. I lost some of the tube magic to be honest but gained in just about all other areas. The bass is tighter, mids are very smooth, high are more extended, more detail. These amps are musical and well balanced. I got them direct from Mr Poon as factory refurbs for <$1k. A great value I think. Running a Response Audio modded Ming Da tube preamp and Parts Connexion modded Jolida tube cd player. Powering some home drew Usher 3 way speakers.
I think a tube front end combined with the Monarchy's makes for a good combo. Not sure I'd have the same opinion with all solid state but you never know.
If you can pick a used pair of 70's, or 100's for a good price I'd say got for it. You could likely flip the pair for close to the same price should you not like them.
I'm using a pair of SM-70 Pro's that I like, but I don't recommend them for single-ended use...balanced yes, but not single-ended...something in the way the circuitry is set up during single-ended makes them 'overload' (DC only) a bit, less transparent that way. Otherwise they are quite good, but no one will likely accuse them of having the best soundstage traits of an SET (single-ended triode) or a good class D (if you can settle on whatever *that* is), but still quite good. Nice dynamic range, nice tone and harmonics (a tad warmish, but ok)...outstanding timbre. Haven't heard AVA, but I know they have their fans, too.

I should add, these, too, are very musical, forgiving amps. Around $400 ea, used.
Well I also have Monarchy SM70 Pro's and I agree with all that the posters above say, except the non-recommendation for running them single ended. I wouldn't know about balanced operation, but they are just wonderful running single ended in my system.

I have to say I didn't like the result running the amps as bridged monoblocks, though I really wanted to. Hard to explain, but they sounded rather 2 dimensional and midrangy each time I pushed the volume as monoblocks.

Vertically bi-amped though is a completely separate animal (running both amps in stereo mode) and they sound very good, and even quite transparent partnered with my tube preamp.
Highly recommended!