AV7704 Audyssey


I ran Audyssey the other day... and it claimed that some speakers were out of phase.  How could this be possible it all speaker wire terminations are matched correctly.

pos to red 
neg to black

What other reasons would the system claim things were out of phase?
Because when the speaker was being made one of the wires could have been put on the crossover incorectly. These problems are not unknown.
jim is right, but also, if you have different types of speakers.

In multi-way speakers, designers will often flip a driver relative to others to achieve correct phase relationships. So if you are using mixed brands of speakers I could see this happening.

The absolute best way to tell is to use a battery. A standard AA will work, and is safe. Attach to each speaker, and test the direction the woofer moves in with the + of the battery attached to the + of the speaker.

You could probably also use a 9V if you need a little more oomph. :)

I do have different speakers as rear channels. Sonance in-ceiling speakers. B&W CDM9NTs for LR and matching CDMCNT for center ch.

Is this something I need to actually fix to get best audio performance?  If they truly are out of phase -- is this an engineering / assembly / design error?


In doing the battery test - pos moves driver forward I assume?  Assuming this is correct... any movement forward would be considered valid phase?

For clarification as to steps in this confirmation test:

1. remove speaker wire from amp. 
2. connect speaker pos and neg to pos and neg of AAA or 9v battery.
3. observe direction of drivers.


My L and R speakers are technically a four speaker system. NT tweeter, FST driver, and the two 6.5in drivers that actually move back and forth - in unison ( I believe )... if these drivers move in correct direction - can I assume my tweeter and FST driver are also in correct phase since I won't be able to observe them moving if at all?

I will also double check all speaker and amp connections to verify pos and neg are connected correctly.

Thanks for the information.