AV Receiver Used/New Recommendation

Good Day,
I'm looking to replace my Denon AVR-687. I hope someone could point me in the direction of a good deal on this site or elsewhere as I am open to both new and used at a price point no more than $500.

Inputs are HTPC (HDMI) and iPod. HTPC is used for both audio and video. Outputs are to a Samsung LCD TV and L/R/C Era Design 4s (purchased used on this site). I also have an outdoor speaker on the deck. I will likely soon add two rear speakers and possibly a sub for watching movies.

I'm not in the market to upgrade to 3d capabilities but a plus if capable so I can upgrade other components if I make the leap down the road.

Price, quality, reliability and ease of use are key.

Thank you in advance.

"Price, quality, reliability and ease of use are key."

Umm, what else is there?
The Marantz SR5005 ... I saw it on Ebay NEW for $405 shipped. That's a steal.
The NAD T747 for $700 is another good deal.
Thanks to you both for your responses.

Snofun3 - Maybe I could have said it differently since it sounds like I want it all for a great price. I left out quite a few bells and whistles which I know appeal to more refined ears. If it's a decent price and can provide the functionality I require over my Denon (HDMI inputs that can output to zone 2) then I'm set. I'm almost tempted to go even lower in price for something used that meets my needs now as I don't see my home theater expanding more than what is mentioned in my post.

Sedona - Thanks much and will check it out. A quick reviews show the SR5005 is highly reviewed and some price checks confirm the $405 which, with research, I might be able to find cheaper.

Thanks again to you both. I will keep an eye on the sell section of this site and if someone comes across something that fits the bill a quick ping would be greatly appreciated!