AV Receiver/Separates for under $2K

After a lapse in my audio investments, I'm back and looking for a 5.1 AV receiver or separates for ~$2K. Ideally want something that can carry both music and movies with a bias toward the music. Current leaders are Arcam AVR-360 (or 400) or Emotiva UMC-200 + XPA-5. Demoed the Arcam and it sounded great. Have yet to actually hear the Emotiva. Welcome any thoughts and recommendations.
Cambridge Audio Azur 751R A/V Receiver
Cambridge Audio Azur 650R A/V Receiver

Cambridge has prioritization of sound over features

Google the freat reviews (e.g. Soundandvision dot com has an excellent recent review)

I have the 650R in my discreet AV sysytem - terrific!
Those new Cambridge Audio AVR's look very promising but the 751R may bust the OP's budget a bit.

May I also suggest one of NAD's top tier line of AVR's. Focus is on music but their dedication to HT is not neglected in any way. I own an NAD T773(2004 flagship) that was doing primary HT duty until I replaced it with an NAD T175HD pre/pro. Both NAD's are wonderful for music and HT in my setup in my room. All my NAD gear as been trouble free for the 3+ years I have owned them.




That is somewhat reassuring, re your comments about NAD equipment. As much as I would like to try, reports elsewhere of popping/clicking sounds have put me off from trying them.
"reports elsewhere of popping/clicking sounds have put me off from trying them."

The only popping/clicking I have experienced is an occasional clicking when locking on sources or channels. The sound was no more out of the ordinary than my Onkyo TX-SR705 AVR and Integra DTR-7.9 AVR. The new NAD AVRs and T187 pre/pro designs have completely eliminated the clicking.

I just can't get excited about AV receivers, especially any that are north of $1K. Why? Because that's just too much stuff sharing the same chassis, compressing and polluting the sound. The preamp part is very delicate and sensitive, designed to amplify very low level signals. Everything electronic uses capacitors, which have a tendency to be microphonic. Add the power section to that chassis and suddenly you have a much bigger transformer making a big 60Hz physical vibration. Switch to even economically priced separates and you'll notice a drop in noise floor and an increase in dynamics and transparency.

With the Emotiva UMC-200 ($599) and UPA-700 7-channel amp ($499), there's just no excuse north of $1K to not get separates.

My old (pre-HDMI) pre/pro went belly-up a few weeks ago. I didn't think twice and ordered up a UMC-200 delivered for $599. It's a nice sounding unit with excellent speaker calibration and clarity. HDMI switching is not the smoothest, but it works well and I finally have lossless surround in my rig for a mere $599. It has a low noise floor and is very quiet.
Thanks all! Thoughts on SQ of Cambridge Audio, NAD, Emotiva recommendations vs. Arcam?
Jpfatcat, I'd look for used separates in the classifieds here. I picked up my Arcam P1000 amp for $600 (135w x 7) and it drives my B&W LCR6 speakers just fine.

Look for a nice used pre/pro and you are good to go.

I had done two receivers prior to my current separates setup. I prefer the flexibility the prepro/amp gives me as technology changes.

I haven't heard the Emotiva gear so I can't comment on it, but the price point is sure nice. Outlaw audio is another choice within your pricepoint.
Get a pre-pro with room correction software, it will make an immense difference.