AV Receiver Preamp Section - Any Good?

Given some good early reviews and impressions from audiogoners, I've pretty well decided to grab a pair of Channel Islands D-100 monoblocks to pair with my Marantz SR-9300 receiver (for the front channels, for 2-channel audio).

My question is, does anyone have a view of the quality of the pre-amp section of the Marantz receiver? Should I also be looking at a separate pre-amp as a priority or will the receiver do for the time being? Any views on the pre-amp sections of receivers of similar quality would also be valuable.

Thanks for your help.
I think once you get the amps connected you will notice a substantial difference.----Re. the quality of the pre section??? Once you ask that question then you have to ask your self why you didn't buy a Meridian or any of the other big buck stand-alone processors, to begin with ?? As a generalization it would be reasonable to assume the "pre-section" within the big-buck stand-alone processors will be better than that of the Marantz.-- The amp section is the easiest to do something about without dumping the Marantz.