av receiver help needed

hi,i have narrowed it down to the harmon kardon avr354 and the denon avr889, i am using infinity overture 3's, 8 ohms 94 db for the fronts, infinity cc3 center speaker for the center and two infinity cc3's center speakers for the rears, which receiver do you think would sound the best with the speakers that i have, i currently have a 6 year old onkyo TX DS575 the first onkyo available with pro logic II 75 watt per channel running the system, would there be an improvement in sound with any of the above mentioned receivers or should i buy another onkyo the reason i ask is because i have read that onkyo was kinda on the bright side, any help would be greatly appreciated.
thank you
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Buy the HK. Unless you want to spend twice the money its hard to beat. My 2nd system has Overture 3s and a HK reciever. Its not up to the standard of my Krell and Snell set up. But it shouldnt be.
thanks for the info

I second "Ninja's" H/K recommendation. Nice receiver, for a home theater system. As good as it sounds, I don't think I would use it in a high-end audio system. I have an Adcom Preamplifier and Power Amplifier for those purposes.

The H/K is wonderful for what it is intended for though.

You won't be sorry with the H/K AVR-354. Great receiver for what it is used for.

thanks for your help
Hi OK.

As your fronts will take up to 200w and your center and surrounds 150w, I suggest that you consider a more powerful receiver than the H/K which has only 75w x 7. Especially for movies.

The Onk 706 has 90w x 7 for $500 @ J&R. But that's not much more powerful than the H/K.

The Onk 876 w/ 140w x 7 would really fit the bill, but its an expensive bill - $1700 @ J&R.
thanks so much for your help, greatly appreciated.
Onkyo 806 $899.00 at accessories4less dot com. 130 watts per chan I think. I'm looking at that one myself.
I have an Onk 805 which I love. But, when it is driving 7 speakers I seriously doubt it is at the rated 130w per channel - more like 100w (which is more than enough for my Polk M50s, M40s and CS2 center).
thanks so much for your input guys.