AV Rant

Anyone ever listen to this podcast? It seems to be the anti-audiophile podcast. I love audio. I want the best sound possible. I want to believe I can get the Absolute Sound. I've heard amazing systems, though I don't own one myself. But I don't want to throw away money trying to achieve it. The search continues...

Any AV Rant believers in here?
Never heard of it. (And you don't provide a link.)
What is the rant ? That you want good audio but don't want to spend a lot on it? There are multiple ways to approach that problem. But you do have to be a bit more specific about what you want,have and are willing to spend.
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I'll pass on this one.

I'm an audiophile. I listen to music many hours every day. I love the equipment. Love the music. But it's good to hear differing opinions to keep from getting too far off the path.

I disagree with much of what's in the AVRant. But I found one episode enlightening. One of them commented that the greatest audio experience of their life was with an audiophile system and electrostatic speakers. He went on to complain that if he moved 1' in any direction, the experience collapsed.

But for me... I listen alone, positioned in the sweet spot. I'd rather have the best sound with this compromise, than a lesser sound and more dispersion.

Anyway...I think it's worth a listen.

Thank you so much for letting us know you are passing on this one.
Oh I didn't read that one right sorry.