AV Racks

Making some adjustments to my HT/2CH system. My components are currently in/on a mish mash of cabinets and end tables between my main speakers which are too far apart. In the center I have a 45" wide 24" high cabinet with 4 shelves (holding a pre amp, power amp, Oppo 105, digital tuner, phono amp and Roku) with a center channel speaker, cable and phone modems as well as a router and an Ethernet switch on top. A 34" high cabinet which my turntable sits on (record supplies, cd's and manuals sit inside) on one side. On the other side I have a small table where I have two DVR's (DIRTV HD and DIRTV TiVo). I am looking a keeping the middle cabinet and placing the two DVR's digital tuner, phone and cable modems and Ethernet switch inside this cabinet, the router will stay on top with the center channel. I am trying to choose between a Bell'O ATC 402 audio rack and the OmniMount RE18. In which I would store my pre and power amp as well as my Oppo 105. With my turn table on top, with a future upgrade of a Mac mini music server to go with the Oppo. So my question is do I go with the Bell'o or the OmniMount?