AV Rack Identification

Is anyone familiar with the AV rack in this setup? Wondering who the brand/maker is.

Nobody can tell for sure.
Could also be Dania. Or Scan Design. Always get those two mixed up.
hmm ok. thanks for the suggestions.
Is it suppose to sound good and really improve the sound? I doubt that it would/wood. Tom

@theaudiotweak  No idea. Just love the design/aesthetics. I think it looks great.
Our group is working on a material combo rack..blending beauty with the beast..Tom
Not IKEA or Core Audio. With the slotted back panel it reminds me of BDI which I have one but I don’t see they make an open post design like that. The stand on the link would be easy to make if you’re handy of have a local shop build for you. I just made my own based off of Core but made mine double wide; took some time but wasn’t that hard to build.
The slotted back is one of the features I really like. Open backs can be prone to showing off your jungle of cables. I imagine the slots make it look cleaner and hide the cables. 
Why don’t you call Audio Arts and ask them?
Possibly BDI. Nice looking for sure.