AV processors - nad versus anthem - room treatment issue

Considering selling my Nad and replacing with an anthem avm 90. Anyone use the new 90?

Mostly because the sound quality is supposed to be better and room treatment maybe as well.

A problem Nad was the dirac room treatment which never seemed to work very well.  My new anthem dealer who also sells Nad and told me that Nad has problems with Dirac low noise errors.  

I like to use Dsp and it just is not working properly and Nad is not very helpful. Dirac doesn't even offer customer service with a human.


Hey, I have an MRX 540, which has the same room correction (room treatment usually refers to acoustic panels). Before talking about DSP, I want to say that the latest series of Anthem sounds much better than the previous generation, by a lot.  Chalk it up to better DAC's or output stages.

The Anthem Room Correction (ARC) is OK. The bad news is you have no ability to touch any of the correction curves directly like you would with a DSP EQ system. You can adjust tilt and levels and even deep bass boost but you absolutely cannot touch the curves it comes up with. I say it is OK because when I had access to the EQ and could do it myself I felt I came up with better results, but then as a speaker builder I am very comfortable with measuring and correcting already. One of the ways the ARC fell short is that if I have speakers off angle it doesn’t really do enough for them. My surrounds were not pointed at my head, but at each other behind my couch and ARC barely changed their sound compared to turning them. If anything, ARC wants to be too modest in it’s corrections.

Couple of other little issues:  Roon is still not directly supported, but available via the Chromecast adaptor.  Also, there is no USB input so if you plan on integrating an external streamer you'll have to use coax or optical.