AV pre/pro's with "analog" volume control?

I have an Acurus Act 3, which features an "all analog" volume control. This particular preamp's strenghts includes having "TONS OF DYNAMICS!" Infact, of all the AV pre's I've tried over the years, I've yet to find it's "superior dynamically" for digital music/movies and such!!! I'm wondering if the analog gain circuit, vs. having digital gain (which adds digits to add gain), has an advantage dynamically in the preamp stage.
Are there any other digital AV pre/pro's out there with analog volume?
The Acurus is not a smooth, and a bit zippy on top as compared to, say, a Krell, or Aragon, etc. I'd like more refinement if possible, and a less "Zingy" sounding pre with my setup if possible. HOWEVER, FOR MOVIES FOR SURE, I won't give up my dynamics!..and the Acurus provides that "APPLENTY!".
Any input or recommendations here?
Do you have the "Stage One" upgraded Act 3? I did the upgrade when it was available and it really brought it to the next level. The new dac's and direct analog pass through help keep the music from having too much"zip" yet keeps the great dynamics for movies.
I also added a Blue Circle hybrid amp to the front to add a touch of warmth. Maybe you should try a hybrid or tube amp. Good luck!
Wanna sell your "upgraded" Act 3?...I'm interested!!!!
Actually, the act 3 isn't "too zippy" with some system setup's, just mine right now.
I am using the Krell HTS right now, and have since reconsideered it's dynamics! It is very good indeed. I'd like to be able to somehow utilize the Acurus however, without going to "tube amp" right now. Later, I've actually considered that however.
Anyway, yes, I'm interested in the upgraded act 3 if you ever want to sell..I'm a buyer!