AV In Wall Rack - Recommendations

I want to stick an AV rack into a wall and be able to customize the shelves. 
This is exactly what I want right here. Does anybody know where I can buy this insert?
That one says it was custom built. I’d start with the racks from a supplier like this, a slide out is often a good choice
This is exactly what I am looking for!! It looks like the Essex MMR series would be perfect and I can choose blank panels from accessories. 

It doesn’t say anything about In-Wall use. I know nothing about this other than I’m hiring a carpenter and showing him a picture for when he finishes my basement. Do I need a thermal or fan panel since it’s in the wall?
It’s been 20 years since I specced one of these! My one bit of advice is to seriously consider a slide out (like this https://www.middleatlantic.com/products/racks-enclosures/slide-out-racks/asr-hd-series-heavy-duty-sl...) if you are building in wall. Having access to the rear is invaluable without having to take everything apart.

As to fans and cooling you can always add rack mount fans if needed, do make sure the wall space is ventilated however.

As you are also presumably doing in wall wiring I assume you have a specialist AV installer working this all with you, they should be able to help you design and build just what you need
I’m the installer specialist. Lol I do all of my own electrical work so I’m sure I can handle this. It will be in wall and I will ha e access to the back since I am only finishing half of my basement off. Nevertheless, I sill may buy a slide out anyway for maximum flexibility.  :) thanks for getting me on the right track you guys. Any additional advice is welcomed!