auxillary ground question

I just had my consonance opera audio ref. 2.2 cdp fried by lightning. I am wanting to add an auxillary ground to my basement subpanel that supplies only 3 20 amp circuits dedicated to audio/video. I have purchased a 5' copper pipe that is 1" in diameter to use as my ground rod as suggested by "the perfect vision" magazine. I purchased some unshielded 8 guage solid copper to run from subpanel to ground rod. Would shielded wire be better to use for this purpose? Will this really provide additional surge/lightning protection plus help lower the noise floor among other things.

Let me know your experiences. I really appreciate it.

Also, my speakers are the piega c-8ltd ribbon hybrid speakers. Amp is the aloia 15.01. Preamp is arcam av8. Already have a hram level 2 modded denon 3810 ordered.


There are several posts on the Gon dealing with this question. The gist of it is: Dedicated circuit --good, secondary ground - bad. Reason: a difference in potential between the two grounds; which not only can create a current in the grounding system, but also creates a ground "loop" which causes hum problems.

I live in Tucson, AZ, the lightening capitol of the world (maybe the universe!) My solution was to insert a high-speed diode from the "house" side of my dedicated circuit breaker(s) to ground inside the panel. The slightest surge will short the breaker to ground thru the diode and trip it (frying the diode!) before any current can get to your stuff.
I have no info but just wanted to express my condolences on the loss of your cd player. May you be up and playing tunes quickly!
i had a set up like the one you propose. improved the sound of my system. then a guy on audio asylum informed me the way a lighting strike was likely to chose the aux ground as the shortest,easiest path right through the ole system. I immediately took off the secondary ground and tied in with the house ground. Later that year a lightning near hit only got 4 fuses and 1 tube in my amps and my Chang with surge protection saved the rest from any impact at all.
Thanks for your response. I still think the auxillary ground may be the way to go. I keep reading the latest "the perfect vision" magazine article that states that the auxillary ground is the way to go. I may get a nice audiophile grade power conditioner/surge protector to connect everything except amp to.

BTW, I hooked up the analogue out inputs up to my pioneer elite dv09 dvd player and it sounds very good. I like it equally to the opera audio ref. 2.2 cdp. I was shocked. I had never played through the analogue outs on this player, just the coaxial digital. Very interested to hear the hram level 2 mods to the denon 3910 that I should be receiving early next week. I hear it is awesome.

Thanks again.

Let me count the Code violations.
You need professional advice, not the um, "advice" above.
Contact your local utility about whole-house surge protection. You'll also want the secondary level for your equipment.
You get what you pay for, and uncredited electrical advice may have *very* serious consequences.