Auxillary amps.

I'm trying to drive a Mac MC252 through the low level outputs of a 4806 but I can't generate a 2-channel signal. The only success I've had so far, is by lashing to the pre-out terminals marked "Surround" in the multi channel complex and switching to a multi channel mode. Zone 2 and/or 3 outputs are deader than a doornail and I followed the manual religously.
Now, I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to all the whizbang bits and bytes stuff, so I'm sure that I haven't properly fumigated the asperator, re-aligned the giblin pin on the wobbliin' shaft, or something equally as arcane. Consequently, I need help figuring out which button to push. If there is anyone out there that knows what I'm doing wrong, Please set me straight before I set fire to this thing.

First you may need to tell unit you intend on a Zone2 application, seconf you may need to tell it which signal you listen to and its volume. If there is a Zone 2 button push it and perhaps it will take it out of Record out on front panel then select source for Zone 2 and volume. meanwhile dont forget to hook up amp to Zone 2 Preouts.
Thanks for the response....However, been there, done that, and nada...not a peep. On this particular unit zone 2 is dedicated where zone 3 shares it's roost with record out. I did everything the manual said but Denon's instructions can be a little vague, so I'm sure I've missed something. I just can't figure out what. I suppose I'd best bite the bullit and call Denon which I hate to do. Those guys are a little too sullen for my taste. Again...Thanks
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