Automatic return arms - still produced ?

I am not as quick and agile as I once was ! Soooo , I would like to find an audiophile grade tt with the automatic return arm . I do not want to delve into the vintage realm .
Is something like this currently manufactured ?

Thank You
Thorens has a few:
the new Dual range
Look. Don't worry about wearing out your cartridge on the lead out grooves. Just get a good sounding tone arm.
Very good , thanks to both of you .

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Sounds real audio ;
How does upgrading the tone arm alleviate damage to the cartridge from bouncing around in the lead outs ?
Well as I said no one should worry about the " dreaded lead out groove." I mean how long would it take you to figure out the record had stopped playing.

Just buy an nice table and arm.
Why would you even want this??
Because I am disabled , which causes me to be under strong meds . I can go 'out' for long periods of time . The music really helps to 'take me away'. I am not fond of digital . Analog through tubes is just so much better , it speaks to me .
For $60.00 get the Q-up tonearm lift. It was just given a nice review in TAS.
I am very sorry I made light of your situation.

My sincerest apologizes.
That is a vey good reason i think they make an arm lifter that you can ad on.
Thank you Yogiboy , unfortunately I have a MMF turntable that , according to the reviews , requires extensive mods to the Q-up to mount properly . I am not able to perform them . That Q-up would've been exactly what I was looking for !
If there is another one that would work out-of-the-box that would be great ! Any other suggestions ?
Saki70...if you could find one of the now discontinued Audio Technica AT-6006 "Safety Riser", I'm pretty sure that will work on your MMF table.
The Safety Raiser will work. You may find one on ebay. They are probably $150 - $200. They also sold the same thing under the Signet brand.
The Safety Raiser will work. You may find one on ebay. They are probably $150 - $200. They also sold the same thing under the Signet brand.
Sounds_real_audio ; no problem , you didn't know and were just trying to help !

I'll check into the Safety Riser/Signet .

Thank you
Denon made a pretty good auto arm on a direct drive TT... and I saw some for sale recently. Any direct drive table needs to go on a good isolating platform
A friemd of mine just bought a audio technica turntable with an automatic arm.
The later automatic turntables did not effect SQ in any way. The motor started the movement of the tonearm and then disengaged until a photocell was activated for it to turn on and move the arm back to the starting position. At some point it was deemed "not hi-fi" and was dropped, saving manufacturers money.
I am currently using a Yamaha PX-2 Turntable at home. It is automatic and that way, some of my family members feel comfortable playing records. It also is an excellent performer with linear tracking. I am using a Koetsu Rosewood Signature cartridge in it. Sounds great! Disclaimer - I am a VPI dealer.
The biggest lie in audio, in the 50 years I've been around it, is that Japanese DD tables were somehow inferior.
Truth is nobody else had the expertise to build them.
The best from Yamaha, Sony or Pioneer will still smoke most.
Dislaimer-I use a Pro-ject Perspective 'cus I couldn't find a good Jap when I needed a new TT.
I have something called The Lift It works well if set up properly. It's not that hard but does require a bit of silicone to attach it to the table. I'm pretty sure it works on any table. I'd consider selling it to you at a very reasonable price if you are interested.