How well do Autoformers work with Maggies? I have a 3.3R and use 2 Quicksilver monoblock tube amps to drive them.
I had autoformers with my Maggie 1.6 and Rogue 120 Magnum and they worked wonders. They do everything they claim. You can actually dial them so that the bass is too tight. I found 12 - 14 OHM sounded the best. A fun toy and excellent sound. Plus you can by pass the speaker wire to save money.
McIntosh uses them all the time.
Thanks. How powerful is your Rogue 120 Magnum? Do they affect clarity or transparency?

The Rogues are rated at 120 watts / 8 OHMs.

This was from about 2 years ago and I do not own any of the equipment I had then. (I think) I went from Nordost Blue Heaven speaker wire to the Autoformers and everything improved. I really preferred them in every way. They had a full and vibrant quality and as you increase the impedance your speakers got louder volume from the same amp.

I would not say they had especially great detail but did have terrific presence.

Maybe a good way to explain them is they act like a tilt tone control. If you increase the impedance load the speakers bass tightens up and the bulk of the tone (or sonic window) goes higher up in frequency. You can balance your system this way.

The only reason I sold mine is because I got rid of my tube amps and drove my Maggies with SS and then wanted tubes so I got rid of my Maggies and am getting into high effiecency speakers and SET amps.