authentic space recordings

hi. recently i downloaded the first couple of albums from norah jones. love them! with that type of music in mind, i'm wondering what recommendations there are for music like that recorded in a "space" like a club or hall or church. one of the things i love about music is being able to transported to some other space - not necessarily a recording booth. heh, maybe i just want reverb :) thanks
Ever heard the singing whales?
Talk about soundstage!
Try jazz at pawn shop.
Cowboy Junkies-Trinity Sessions-Recorded in a Church.

Eva Cassidy-Live at the Blues Alley

Patricia Barber - Companion
Sinatra - Live at the Sands
Try Charlie Haden and Kenny Barron, Night and the City
Many -- perhaps most or all -- of the releases from M-A Recordings.
"No Better Than This' by John Mellencamp.
thanks. i have been putting off getting jazz at the pawn shop (ironically i asked about that a few years ago, couldn't remember the name) to see if i can find a deal on it locally. otherwise i might just download it from HDtracks or Acoustic sounds.

i did find muddy waters "fold singer" at the local store today and ripped it. love the music! lots of reverb in there.

i'll have to check out the trinity sessions, it might be too upbeat for me at this point but does sound interesting.
i'll have to check out the trinity sessions, it might be too upbeat for me at this point
Hardly. There's a reason they call themselves Cowboy JUNKIES.
Bill Evans "Waltz For Debbie", "Sunday At The Village
Dvorak/Tchaikovsky "String Serenades" Leppard/English
Chamber Orchestra
Tower Of Power "Live And In Living Color"

Not exactly like Norah Jones, but all will give you a wonderful recreation of
the recording space; all very different size venues. For more classical look
for any of the great Kenneth Wilkinson/Decca-London recordings. And
second Sinatra/Sands.
here are two more.

Holly Cole Trio - Girl Talk

whole album on youtube.

HD Download.

Recorded at Stephen Leacock Theatre, Keswick, Ontario, Canada. Girl Talk was recorded live to two-track using a single microphone



UltraAnalogue Recordings sampler cd

From the master tape.

the CD of Beethoven Cello Sonata No.3, Op.69, Rachmaninov Cello Sonata, Chopin Etude, Rachmaninov Romance

can be bought from the store tab here.

some sample tracks - not downloadable.
but what is on the cd can be previewed here.

Recorded in the producers house in the treated pool area.
so how about adding a twist - on an old telarc CD, 1812 overture, there's a point where i can hear the bells of the courtyard/quad, in some cases up and behind me! there's an old madonna cd (immaculate collection) where there's stuff going on all over the place. so this is obviously digitally added in,

but the point is: how about 2 channel that sounds like surround-sound?

Madonna CD used QSound in the recording. Here is a list of some other QSound Recordings.
The Bernstein Carmen with Marilyn Horne in the title role comes as close as I think a recording could to duplicate such as large space as the Met.
I wish I still had my 45 rpm record that came with my JGI Joe mercury capsule. That was a real space recording.
More evocative and mysterious than probably any other of their releases...The Unforgettable fire certaintly is not short on was recorded in a fricikin castle!
Neil Young, Live at the Cellar Door
Patricia Barber, A Fortnight in France
Allison Krauss, Live
Here's one smaller venue and one larger:

Patricia Barber Companion -- recorded in the Green Mill bar complete with clinking glasses and silverware.

Sera Una Noche -- recorded in a large cathedral I think, at least that's what it sounds like.
Diana Krall-Live in Paris
Hot Tuna "Live, at the New Orleans House, Berkeley"

Steve Phillips  "Steel Rail Blues"

these are my two initial choices, more to come......
Patricia Barber "Cafe' Blue"

Donny Hathaway "Live"
Colin Meloy "Live"
Mark Kozelic/Son Kill Moon "Live"..stuff…

For ultimate reverb look in to the Deep Listening Band and trombonist Stuart Dempster, believe recordings were made in empty cistern and cathedral