Australian LPs and CDs

Does anyone have them? How do they sound compared to British, German, Dutch? I see them from time to time on ebay and other places but don't know what to think.And they are usually not exactly inexpensive.
As a general rule, I have found the Australian pressed CD's are consistantly the best sounding CD's! British, Dutch, German are usually better than American CD's (but then, again, doesn't every other country press better CD's, as a general rule ?!!!) But I have found a great deal of audio quality variation among European CD pressings...never any real turkeys but can be quite a variable as to fidelity. Aussie CD's ALWAYS sound great! Japanese CD's have great and open high end, but seem to be somewhat anemic in the bass region. However, try to get a copy of the DCC Japanese pressing of Leon Russell's "CARNEY" or "WILL O' THE WISP". WOWEEE!!! The audio quality and recording techniques will blow you away! (Leon is one of the most unrecognized and forgotten talents in America; and he's a super nice guy, too!) Also, Canadian CD pressings seem to be quite good as well!
I have a small number of Aussie LP's in my collection (mostly jazz re-issues), and they are among the best pressed LP's. I may have some Aussie CD's also, but none come to mind. Assuming the LP has been properly cared for, you should be pleased with Aussie LP's.
I see.Thank you for the response.So far I found Japanese and German LPs to generally be the best.British and Dutch are very similar but not that good.I don't think that Japanese are anemic in bass region,I think that they are more balanced and do not exaggerate bass.Agree that Canadian CDs are excellent,so are the Austrian.American CDs can not compete at all, they are for boombox crowd.
Inna, I was refering to CD's, not vinyl when I commented that Japanese pressings were alittle anemic in the bass region. I have a Japanese 12" 45 RPM pressing of Frankie Goes to Hollywood "Relax" that is one of my test/demo vinyls. Truly AWESOME!
Rule of thumb is, Japan vinyl RULES!!!