Austin City Limits

The thread titled "Best Concert Movie" reminded me that I wanted to put in a little plug for the "Live in Austin, Texas" DVD series. These are archived episodes from the "Austin City Limits" TV show on PBS. Haven't seen much discussion about these, but the ones I own are all excellent:

Richard Thompson
John Hiatt
Delbert McClinton
Lucinda Williams

I just found out that one featuring Guy Clark is being rleased in March. Can't wait!
I haven't seen an Austin City Limits show that I didn't enjoy, and come to think of it, all of them have been fatastic. I had searched for these shows and only one or two are there. I just checked PBS.ORG (as a result of your post) and they have some 30+ titles. Thanks for the recommendation . . . off I go with my credit card . . .
i own stevie ray vaughn, excellent, two shows , earlier from late eighties, then his last performance, it's great. also the eric johnson one is killer....
I also have the Stevie Ray Vaugn. Very intersting contrast betwean the two shows. The first show is when he was in the throws of drug addiction and it shows in the way he is acting on stage. He seems unfocused, looks pale, and just doesn't seem like he's enjoying himself. On the otherhand, with the later show, he is relaxed, looks healthy and seems like he's having alot of fun. It breaks my heart that he finally got it together and then passed.
Austin City limits was also my first exposure to Buddy Guy. It was one of those "oh my god moments." Don't know what year that was.

I also own the Susann Tedshi concert which is great if you like female blues singers. And Willie Nelson.

Check out their music festival. festival
130 bands!! Now that's a music festival!

Off to PBS.ORG I go

You have inspired me to order Vol 1 Best of Sessions at West 54th. As I remember, I really enjoyed this showcase for artists. I love Austin City Limits and will be checking them out also. Thanks for sparking my interest in a great series.
I'm sure pbs saves its best shows for the pledge drive times. Last night that country western show was great. I should have dvr-ed it and zipped past the yacking.
Anyone know how many Sessions at West 54th episodes were released on DVD and/or where any can be found? I only find a few available at places like ebay. shows 85 episodes, read the list, there are some great artists there. Loved that show.
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I saw Gillian live the night before last. It was fantastic.
I still remember seeing Steve (Chicago shorty) Goodman on A.C.L. years ago. Great entertainer and funniest guy I ever knew. VERY hard act to follow. Ask John Prine or Kris Kristopherson.
They have these available on Netflix. Netflix + DvD Shrink software (shareware) + Image Burn software (shareware) + DVD Burner = home copy for library.
Agree with Bdgregory. My fovorite has always been the ones where songwriters sat in a semi-circle, told stories and sang. Simple but it takes the music back to the souce.
Its not a DVD, but the CD of the Delbert McClinton show rocks!
A must have would be the Townes Van Zant Tribute with Steve Earle, Lyle Lovett,
Guy Clark and a host of others paying tribute to the songwriting legend. One of the most haeartfelt musical tributes we've ever seen. Well worth the price of admsission!
Susan Tedeschi (performed 6/17/03), superb !!
Lokie. Your are right that it is a crying shame and such a tragedy that SRV died just when he was beginning his peak. His and Hendrix' deaths just bum me out to no end.