Austin Acoustic horns

Anyone heard those beasts ? Look impressive. Their amps too.
Yeah, they were great! One of the few speakers at AXPONA capable of producing an overwhelming experience. Pricing not for the faint of heart, but an experience I will not forget. An impressive introduction. :) 
Bill, I think you'd better not audition them. The price is probably prohibitive, and they might sound incredible.
I'll look 'em up. Never hurts to make new friends. This town is so chilled out, I'm almost amazed anything gets done. 
Inna they sound very very Live...the only weakness is your wallet...The best system , Best of the best system I have ever heard......
You see. Not too much. How many people in the world can afford this ? Millions. How many of them might actually want them ? Probably thousands.
Can you imagine if there is a big room for those speakers Mike Lavigne design room  , wow they will even sound amazing....
A few days ago a fake Leonardo's painting was sold for $450 millions in New York. It is thought to have come from his school but not from him. And it appears that both the seller and the buyer knew it. Interesting, isn't it ?
Anyway, compared to this $750k for an audio masterpiece, if it is that, is very very reasonable.
Inna if I have money and space , Because music is my  passion? I buy it.Iam done.
For those who have music as a passion, support the live arts, money better spent and personally most rewarding. An audio system at such high prices is too much of a "pipedream" to the music lover who is more interested in music over  stuff. Where does this madness end? There will never be a conjoining of reproduced over live, just enjoy both!  

Madness never ends and it's a good thing. Music without sound doesn't exist. Save on lunches and drinks - buy high-end stuff.
Just found this thread.
Thank you all for your comments and compliments.

Man Nguyen
I heard them at lone star audio fest. I've never heard music so gorgeous. The electronics are so beautiful!